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The best way to secure payment for outstanding monies owed for construction services is with the filing of a Mechanics'/Construction Lien claim. These legal documents, when properly filed, provide you with "security" so that when you prevail on your claim under the lien, there will be an asset from which you will be paid. More importantly, a construction/mechanics' lien provides you with "leverage." A lien will generally stop all construction financing and can cause a project to grind to a halt. However, the lien must accurately present your claim. Too many companies will simply take your information and file a defective lien. Defective liens are worthless and may result in your paying damages to a property owner. Do not be penny-wise and dollar-foolish. Our fees for filing a Mechanics'/Construction Lien are comparable with the many non-attorney companies doing this work and we provide the legal analysis that those companies cannot.Also, if we file your construction lien, we can immediately step in and protect your rights under the lien. Whether it is communications to discuss the payment of monies owed or the filing of a lien foreclosure complaint, we can provide those services.Similarly, if you are served with a Mechanics'/Construction Lien, we can help you determine whether the lien is valid and whether it can be enforced against you. If it is not, we can promptly proceed to court and have the invalid lien removed from the property or project on which it was filed.

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