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Sometimes, even though you have properly completed all of your contractual obligations, you do not get paid. The reality is that some developers, owners, contractors or construction managers do not think that your payment is a priority. They make you wait and give you excuses like "The owner has not paid me for your work," "The bank did not give me a draw" or "I am out of money." Do not stand for these excuses. Do not wait. You have rights.

How Can A Prompt Payment Act Help?

The Prompt Payment Acts in New York and New Jersey provide rights to people and entities on construction projects that have not been timely paid. According to the NY Prompt payment Act, "[I]t is the policy and purpose of this article to expedite payment of all monies owed to those who perform contracting services pursuant to construction contracts." New York also mandates the time for payments under the General Municipal Law and the State Finance Law.

Both the New York and New Jersey laws provide interest for late payments and in some cases, a person or entity that has not been paid can collect attorneys fees for the collection of the amounts owed. When faced with a similar issue, make sure you get accurate legal advice.

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