Seeking restitution through construction litigation in New York and New Jersey

By Stephen Bialkowski / March 5, 2018 /

Prior to beginning a new project, construction companies in New York and New Jersey often seek to form a plan to ensure that the project proceeds smoothly.  Of considerable concern to contractors are the high costs that are associated with delays.  However, even with a well conceived plan, delays still occur and inevitably lead to…

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Construction law: Company involved in dispute over payments

By Stephen Bialkowski / February 20, 2018 /

In large scale projects, construction companies in New York and elsewhere may choose to enlist the services of a contractor. These arrangements generally include a contract stating the terms of the arrangement and how to proceed should any disputes arise. One common area in construction law where such disputes could occur pertains to issues with payments, and…

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Construction law: Why disputes arise and how to handle them

By Stephen Bialkowski / February 12, 2018 /

Construction companies in New York and elsewhere may consider it vital to plan extensively prior to beginning a new project. However, forming a strategy that covers every possible scenario can be a challenging task, and any changes to the initial plan could be met with opposition. Should any disputes arise, a company may find it…

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Construction law: The elements of a construction contract

By Stephen Bialkowski / January 25, 2018 /

Many construction companies in New York and New Jersey take on multiple projects each year. Upon reaching an agreement for work with another party, it is generally advisable to put the terms of the agreement in writing with a formal written contract. Because construction contracts can be exceedingly complex, contractors should speak with someone with…

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How a construction dispute can be resolved through mediation

By Stephen Bialkowski / January 16, 2018 /

A contract dispute can be incredibly frustrating for anyone working in the construction industry. If the dispute escalates to litigation, it can become time-consuming and expensive for all parties involved. If you find yourself in the midst of a dispute that looks like it may become litigious, you can prevent ever stepping in the courtroom…

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