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Insurance costs thousands of dollars; and when you need it, it seems as though some insurance companies are more interested in finding ways to avoid providing coverage than giving you the coverage for which you paid. We, as insurance coverage law experts, can assist you by reviewing your claim and analyzing your policy to find the coverage you need. Then we will work with your insurance company to get them to provide coverage. In some instances, we can get the approval of your insurance company to represent you with your claim. In other instances, we have shadowed assigned insurance counsel to monitor their handling of the case and advise you if you are not getting the representation you paid for under your insurance policy. In extreme cases, we proceed to court to demand that coverage is provided under an insurance policy or defend against an insurance company's efforts to refuse coverage.

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Contact the Law Offices of Stephen Bialkowski, LLC, to consult with our experienced insurance coverage lawyers. Our offices are conveniently located in Bergen County, New Jersey, and in New York City.

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