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With offices in New York City and Bergen County, New Jersey, the Law Offices of Stephen Bialkowski, LLC, provides practiced and insightful representation to real estate developers, land owners, buyers, sellers and other parties involved in the real estate development process. In addition to their many years and experience, Stephen Bialkowski demonstrates the depth of his knowledge as a professor in real estate, development and construction law programs at New York University (NYU) and Fordham University.

Consult with the real estate development lawyers at the Law Offices of Stephen Bialkowski, LLC by calling 201-962-9200 or 212-962-9200.

Our lawyers are dedicated to preserving clients' interests through the entire duration of real estate development and construction projects. The firm advises clients in the initial planning stages through completion and sale.

At Each Step, We Can Assist

While the firm tailors its aggressive representation based upon each client's plan objectives, much of their real estate development practice includes:

  • Purchasing or selling raw land for development
  • Evaluating environmental law concerns
  • Comparing plan objectives to land use and zoning regulations
  • Petitioning for zoning variances
  • Preparing and negotiating contracts for development
  • Organizing condominium associations
  • Instruct developers on how to get approval for developments and ensure compliance
  • Encouraging green construction practices
  • Resolving development litigation
  • Other real estate development needs

The lawyers at the Law Offices of Stephen Bialkowski, LLC, recognize the magnitude of the financial risk involved in substantial real estate development matters. While successful completion is personally and financially rewarding, a mistake — regardless of how minute — can cause the project to fail. The founder of the firm, Stephen W. Bialkowski, understands what it takes to facilitate the process flawlessly. The firm works to ensure that clients' interests are never at risk.

Legal Guidance That Keeps Projects Running Smoothly

Ensure your real estate development project moves forward smoothly. Email the attorneys at the Law Offices of Stephen Bialkowski, LLC, to schedule a consultation.

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