Construction law: Why disputes arise and how to handle them

Construction companies in New York and elsewhere may consider it vital to plan extensively prior to beginning a new project. However, forming a strategy that covers every possible scenario can be a challenging task, and any changes to the initial plan could be met with opposition. Should any disputes arise, a company may find it helpful to speak with a construction law attorney for guidance on how best to pursue an acceptable resolution.

Construction disputes can occur under a variety of circumstances, ranging anywhere from a delay in the projected completion time of a project to a disagreement concerning the terms of the initial contract. These issues can be exceedingly complex, and can further disrupt project schedules until resolved. While a construction company may seek to prevent similar concerns by being thorough during project planning, in some cases, avoiding a dispute could be nearly impossible.

When forming a contract, construction companies may find it advisable to include terms as to how to handle disputes should they arise. Depending on these terms, each party may seek to resolve a dispute through methods such as negotiations or mediation. Should they fail to reach a solution through these methods, those involved may seek to pursue a resolution through more intricate means, such as arbitration or litigation.

In the construction industry, disputes can be highly-contested topics that can have a substantial impact on the outcome of a project. When confronted with such matters, owners could choose to retain the services of a construction law attorney for guidance on how to proceed. An experienced attorney can thoroughly examine the nature of the dispute and assist a client in New York in pursuing an acceptable resolution through the necessary methods.

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