Common construction-site injuries and how to avoid them

As the city that never sleeps, New York construction seems to boom year-round. Meanwhile, its neighbor state of New Jersey has new projects popping up all the time.

Both states are seeing growth in construction, which is great for developers. Unfortunately, more construction means more chances for worker injuries.

Construction sites can be dangerous places. Large machinery mixed with potentially hazardous materials means the possibility for injury is never far away.

A safe construction site benefits all workers and keeps projects on schedule. Here are a few of the more common injuries seen on construction sites, and ways to avoid them.

Falls and falling objects

One of the leading causes of injuries on construction sites are falls. When working on tall buildings, scaffolding or other large structures, simply moving around can be a risk.

Guardrails, warning signs and well-lit areas can help protect against accidental falls. Requiring the use of safety harnesses or safety netting can also protect both those up high and workers on ground level from falling debris or materials.

Proper machinery use

Operating large machinery can be dangerous for those working around them. Workers must always be aware of their surroundings and know when machines will be in use. It can help to reverse alarms on all equipment, and that all safety instructions are observed.

Use proper safety equipment

The right gear can help cut down on worker injuries throughout a site. Keeping safety equipment updated and well-maintained will help effectiveness. Correct use of safety equipment can reduce the chances of serious accidents on site.

Ending days with a clean site

Cleanup is easy to skip on at the end of a hard day. It can feel like an unnecessary chore when everyone is ready to go home. However, a clean construction site can reduce the chance of injuries or mishaps. Keeping workplaces clear of garbage or debris can help create a safer, more efficient working environment.

These are just a few of the more common injuries seen on construction sites, and ways to reduce the potential risks. If your company has experienced a construction accident, a construction law attorney can help.

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