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Business Law and Commercial Litigation

Whether you require assistance with business formation, ongoing business concerns or insurance coverage claims, or have a matter that requires litigation, the attorneys at the Law Offices of Stephen Bialkowski, LLC, have the experience required to provide strong and professional representation. We can help you start a business or overcome any issues that arise for your business.

Creating and running a business are never easy, but the bumps can be smoother when you choose an advocate and advisor like the Law Offices of Stephen Bialkowski, LLC.

Our services include representation in the following areas:

Business Formation

Our law firm will assist you with the selection of the proper business entity to form and then will establish that entity for you. We will work with your accountant to ensure that you receive the best tax advantage. After the entity is established, we will prepare the agreements by which the business will operate so that you can immediately start working with your new company.

Ongoing Business Concerns

We can prepare shareholder and operating agreements, assist with commercial financing, buy or sell businesses or assist with winding down a business entity. We can also assist you with some employment matters such as the opposing interests of employers and employees with noncompete and confidentiality agreements. Call us to discuss your situation.

Commercial Litigation

Our attorneys aggressively represent clients in pursuing or defending disputes that arise between businesses, suppliers, construction workers and other professionals.

Insurance Coverage Claims

Nothing is worse than paying insurance premiums just to have your insurance company tell you that you are not covered. Insureds have rights that can be pursued. Do not sit on your rights. Act quickly if you have been denied coverage, and call our attorneys and let us help you get the coverage to which you are entitled.

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The lawyers at Law Offices of Stephen Bialkowski, LLC, in New York City and Ramsey are ready to guide you through any business-related legal issue. Find out more about our services today with a call to 201-962-9200 or 212-859-3460. You can also reach us online.

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